September 2015 BB at the RIVIERA Exhibition in Cannes

15 March 2017 , , Florian
International Lingerie Exhibition in Paris

The return of BB to the Croisette!

Cannes, the Festival, La croisette, the city which made her famous! This is where, on one of it beaches, that Brigitte Bardot wore THAT bikini which every paparazzi wanted to photograph. In 1953, this was the first time that a woman revealed more of her hips, bust and navel! Nearly 70 years later, we can once more find BB and her bikinis on the Croisette, at the Riviera 100% Bain Exhibition. Brigitte Bardot unveiled her first collection of swimwear to the great pleasure of its visitors. It would have been a shame to miss such an event, for a brand with such a name! The Cote d’azur boutiques couldn’t resist these new models. It will certainly flatter Madame Bardot next time she visits their boutique!

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