french retro glamour

french retro glamour


The brand

Her light brown hair, her smoky eyes, her ballerinas, her gingham dresses… So many different looks, immortalized by Brigitte Bardot! A fashionista of her time who became a legend. BB, THE french celebrity, an idol from the Fifties to the Seventies, that everyone sought after, is now a muse. Her songs are still on everyone’s lips, her movies, cinematic history. The legend that is BB still fascinates people today. No matter what age, women at some time in their life, have always wanted to look, even just a little bit like BB. Brigitte Bardot underwear – Swimwear, it’s all of that and more ! A brand that personifies her and her inspirational style. BB

Giving sense to the meaning of feminity

Brigitte Bardot Lingerie

Brigitte Bardot underwear : a signature line that flirts with retro-sexy underwear, French style. The Brigitte Bardot Underwear Collections take their inspiration from the essence of this star and what she stood for during the the Fifties to the Seventies. Brigitte Bardot was the epitome of a free spirited woman, an ambassador and a forerunner to today’s modern woman.
3 words to sum up this style : Retro : A reference to the Fifties and Sixties, when BB was in the spotlight. Sexy : BB Glamour, BB the seductrice… models that speak for themselves… French Style : Creative lingerie, mixing esthetics and an eye for detail , “Savoir Faire” and image, the perfect embodiment of BB, the French model. Let yourself be carried away by BB Lingerie!

The lingerie collection

“Quand j’aime, je suis heureuse”. The Brigitte Bardot collection is coming back under the theme of love and will make us fall this Spring-Summer 2021. This season, be in love in your own way, either passionated, romantic or delicate, love will have no secret for you !




“Le soleil, du sable et des coquillages”. Summer is coming up! So the swimwear season as well… We prepared you a new Summer 2021 collection, and you are going to LOVE IT!





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