Anatomy of an iconic style

English embroidery, twisted, pimped, an ode to overflowing sensuality and poetic lightness

Tender and bucolic, English embroidery (intimately linked in the collective unconscious to young girls in bloom), is slumming. When BB, sexy as hell, twirling and mischievous, succumbs to her prim charm, it is to add a touch of fantasy to the antipodes of her slightly outdated naivety. Brigitte BARDOT formalizes the great return of English embroidery by creating resolutely sensual baby-doll silhouettes, with the watchword: sparkling candor!

Since this bold shift that began in the Fifties, the popularity of this divinely simple pattern has continued to flourish throughout the fashion world, available in micro or XXL versions, in immaculate white or in pop colors, to wear both underneath and above.

Looks Brigitte BARDOT

BB style.

A look back at the legendary looks of the most famous French woman...

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Initials BB.