BB style.

Freedom, I write your name

Full eyes, the iconic BB style is a dance between beauty with retro romanticism and provocative sensuality. “Brigitte Bardot lives like everyone else while being like no one.”Jean Cocteau.

Free, she dares everything. Her outfits in life and on screen radiate seduction and desire. A style that is both timeless and fashionable and continues to inspire creators. Each season, they reinvent the codes of its iconic wardrobe, from the romantic impertinence of a gingham print to the ingenuous charm of the daisy , from a profusion of polka dots to English embroidery and refined lace , before making a stopover in Saint Tropez to extend the summer.

A look back at the signature looks of the most famous French woman...

Vichy emblématique Brigitte BARDOT

The emblematic Vichy, birth of a myth of supernatural glamor

Whether you like it in a traditional version or in a more contemporary spirit, the gingham canvas adapts to all desires (and all body types), from the total look to the swimsuit, to lingerie.

Praised by designers and stars, the iconic little check continues to push the limit of classics to offer (us) a thousand and one fashion combinations.

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Brigitte BARDOT broderie anglaise

English embroidery, twisted, pimped, an ode to overflowing sensuality and poetic lightness

Tender and bucolic, English embroidery (intimately linked in the collective unconscious to young girls in bloom), is slumming.

When BB, sexy as hell, twirling and mischievous, succumbs to her prim charm, it is to add a touch of fantasy to the antipodes of her slightly outdated naivety.

Brigitte BARDOT formalizes the great return of English embroidery by creating resolutely sensual baby-doll silhouettes, with the watchword: sparkling candor!

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La marguerite, fleur préférée de Brigitte BARDOT

The daisy, dapper, spicy, a true invitation to soft and liberated ultra-femininity

The yellow of its heart brightens the emotions that bloom everywhere, while its very graphic petals overflow with energy and joyful promises.

BB understood this well by inviting it on clothing (as well as on lingerie), in print as in embroidery, the daisy, bold and irresistible, injects a dose of good humor and style without worrying about the seasons.

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Satin Brigitte BARDOT Lingerie

Day or night, (draped or neckline), retro satin, we like it to show off.

An absolute Frenchie icon, BB raises satin to the heights of the effortless-chic trend when she wears it to stroll in complete innocence, barefoot and hair in the wind.

Even today, this emblematic fabric of the retro-glam style is one of the materials inseparable from the BARDOT myth, “second skin”, bordering on preppy, with a disarming charm, which the whole world envy.

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The polka dot, symbol of ultra-modern, graphic, chic and sexy flamboyance throughout

With BB, this graphic print to dare as a total look or in statement pieces, takes on an ultramodern look.

Exquisite, easy to combine, over the decades, polka dots have dressed many stars of the cinema and music scene, giving them just the right touch of chic and insolence.

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The prints of yesteryear, a hymn to joy and carefreeness with a touch of refreshing retro charm

Her “new vintage” style turns her passion for old-fashioned prints into a trend that combines refinement and modernity with gentle nonchalance.

Only BARDOT knows how to revive classic prints by daring to create new combinations that flourish on all the pieces of its iconic wardrobe and are endlessly reinvented, from season to season.

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“All refined lace”, eternal, natural and perfectly measured elegance.

Sassy and avant-garde, in the very corseted France of the Fifties she was the first to dare, the “all refined lace” look, born from corset-making know-how to which she infused a chic and uninhibited “je-ne-sais-quoi” .

A symbol of modernity, floral lace inspired by moments of Brigitte BARDOT's life is cinematic and poetic, so elegant and glamorous that it inspires strong personalities wishing to stand out.

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Under the sun of… Saint-Tropez…

Nestled in Saint-Tropez, forever associated with its little corner of paradise, the fashion spirit pervades BB's art of living everywhere.

At the height of summer, from Madrague beach where she created a haven of peace with bohemian-chic charm to the salty landscapes of Brazil, the photos captured by the paparazzi of BARDOT in a swimsuit, n never stop touring the world.

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Carte cadeau - Brigitte Bardot lingerie et maillots de bain

The BB gift card.

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