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The polka dot, symbol of ultra-modern, graphic, chic and sexy flamboyance throughout

In these turbulent 1950s, BB's “happenings” left their mark and forever associated his “French” style with a delicious scent of scandal so idealized by all generations. A woman in love with joyful rebellion, it is to BARDOT that we owe the return of the polka dot which she was able to impose on all beautifully urban, feminine and relaxed silhouettes, far from the clichés of the standardized Pin-up.

With BB, this graphic print to dare as a total look or in statement pieces, takes on an ultramodern look. Exquisite, easy to combine, over the decades, polka dots have dressed many stars of the cinema and music scene, giving them just the right touch of chic and insolence.

Looks Brigitte BARDOT

BB style.

A look back at the legendary looks of the most famous French woman...

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Initials BB.