An air of BB on edge

The daisy, dapper, spicy, a true invitation to soft and liberated ultra-femininity

I love you a little, a lot, passionately... the daisy is the symbol of love lovers. A bit rustic, a bit mischievous, romantic par excellence, in winter as in summer, the daisy celebrates the imminent return of spring. So delicate in its form, it seduces and distills its power of attraction without seeming to, like BB, spicy lolita but always natural.

The yellow of its heart brightens the emotions that bloom everywhere, while its very graphic petals overflow with energy and joyful promises. BB understood this well by inviting it on clothing (as well as on lingerie), in print as in embroidery, the daisy, bold and irresistible, injects a dose of good humor and style without worrying about the seasons.

Looks Brigitte BARDOT

BB style.

A look back at the legendary looks of the most famous French woman...

I am inspiring myself

Initials BB.