Plural and timeless femininity

“All refined lace”, eternal, natural and perfectly measured elegance.

Whatever the era, BARDOT has been able to free itself from the shackles and prohibitions. She refuses to dress according to standards. When it comes to appearing for an occasion, she puts on a fashion display worthy of her status as a muse with an international aura, dressed in visual and already iconic lace.

Sassy and avant-garde, in the very corseted France of the Fifties she was the first to dare, the “all refined lace” look, born from corset-making know-how to which she infused a chic and uninhibited “je-ne-sais-quoi” . A symbol of modernity, floral lace inspired by moments of Brigitte BARDOT's life is cinematic and poetic, so elegant and glamorous that it inspires strong personalities wishing to stand out.

Looks Brigitte BARDOT

BB style.

A look back at the legendary looks of the most famous French woman...

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Initials BB.