How to choose your lingerie based on your hair color?

Choosing your underwear is not an easy task.

In addition to paying attention to the shape in which you will be most comfortable and the one that will flatter you the most, the color you wear is also very important.

Here are some tips for choosing your Brigitte BARDOT lingerie color.

For brown hair

If you have brown hair, this is your trademark. In order to highlight your beautiful hair, black and white are recommended with large patterns. The shades to favor will then depend on your undertone, whether it is cold or warm.

If you have skin that tans easily and your hair has golden highlights, you have a warm undertone, so opt for natural shades like orange, red, yellow, brown, gray and green.

If you have fair, pink skin and a cold undertone, then favor bright colors and cool tones.

Selection of retro brunette lingerie

For blondes

If you have blonde hair, soft colors are your best allies. Delicate shades of blue, pink, purple or green will highlight your hair.

Selection of retro blonde lingerie

For red hair

If you have red hair, it's more difficult to find a shade that will really flatter you. The only safe bet: green, in all its variations.

If you're a true redhead you probably have light skin and eyes, so you can also wear grays, creams or oranges.

Selection of retro redhead lingerie

For gray hair

If you have gray hair, choose black, white, red or even navy blue.

Pay attention to shades such as green and yellow which will tend to give yellowish undertones to your hair.

Retro silver lingerie selection

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