How to choose your lingerie according to your body shape?

To feel beautiful and comfortable, choosing your lingerie according to your figure is very important. This allows you to highlight your strengths and hide your small imperfections.

But for this we would still need to know its morphology. Let's look at some tips for wearing your Brigitte BARDOT retro fashion lingerie.

The A-shaped silhouette or pyramid

Your shoulders are thin and your hips are wider. This is the most common silhouette among women. It is a feminine and delicate silhouette.

What to wear?

The objective here is to highlight your chest in order to rebalance your silhouette.

Choose push-up bras to flatter your size. The bandeau shape is also very suitable thanks to the straight line it creates under the chest and which highlights it.

Opt for color , patterns , lace and embroidery that will dress your upper body.

For the lower body, the most suitable remains slightly high-cut cuts.
A tanga or skirted thong will be your best ally.

Some examples of bandeau bras

La silhouette en V Brigitte BARDOT Lingerie

The V silhouette or inverted pyramid

Your shoulders are broad or even square and your hips are small. This type of morphology is imposing. Women with a V-shaped figure look good, with an athletic look.

What to wear?

Favor plunging necklines and triangle shapes to emphasize your neckline. For the bottom, the shorty is your best ally, it will give the illusion that your hips are wider.

Don't hesitate to choose shorties with frills, ruffles or patterns.

Some examples of shorties

La silhouette en H Brigitte BARDOT Lingerie

The H or rectangle silhouette

Your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment and your waist is not really defined. The H silhouette gives a slender, fluid and regular look.

What to wear?

The goal here is to mark your size as much as possible, bodysuits will be your best ally.

For bras, choose triangles with thin straps or a demi-cup shape.

For bottoms, high-waisted retro panties are the asset you need to look like a real pin-up.

Some examples of bodysuits

Silhouette en O Brigitte BARDOT Lingerie

The O or round silhouette

Women with O-shaped figures are curvy and luscious women. Your silhouette gives off an impression of voluptuousness and softness.

What to wear?

With a generous bust, you should choose full cup and underwired bras for perfect support. The luscious range is perfect for this.

For bottoms, opt for high-waisted panties which will have a shaping effect, for shorties which will be comfortable, or for tangas which will highlight your plump buttocks.

Some examples of underwired bras

Silhouette en X Brigitte BARDOT Lingerie

The X or hourglass silhouette

Considered the perfect body shape, if you have an X-shaped figure, you are the envy of people. Your shoulders and hips are perfectly aligned and your waist is well defined.

What to wear?

Your figure allows you to wear everything. There are no highs or lows to avoid. Let your fantasy and your mood express itself and don't stop anything.

Some examples of bras

Silhouette en 8 Brigitte BARDOT Lingerie

The figure 8 silhouette

The figure 8 silhouette is very similar to the X silhouette but with more shapes. You have a harmonious body with the added bonus of luscious curves.

What to wear?

As with the X silhouette, you can do anything.

Please still choose full cup or underwired bras. if you have a large chest for better support.

Some examples of high-support underwired bras

To make yourself look even better, you can also choose your lingerie based on your skin color. Learn more .

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