How are our Brigitte BARDOT collections made?

At Brigitte BARDOT, we are proud to be one of the rare brands that design their collections in France, and have done so for 6 years now. All our products are imagined, prototyped and tested in our workshop located in the North of France.
Let’s take a look at the different design stages together.

The life of Brigitte BARDOT is an immense source of inspiration.

Our stylists nourish themselves and dissect each of these precious moments to draw new lines that are 100% renewed each season.

They work hand in hand with our lacemaking partners to select or create custom lace that will enhance their creations.

Very quickly, the first sketches appeared.

They invent and design each shape, each detail and each finish of future pieces of retro lingerie.

Following this, the color ambiances are imagined. During this stage, it is our computer graphics designers who are at work.

They imagine and design new prints .

When the style is validated, each of the creations is computerized .

We record the final shape, print, cutting and coloring of each product with precision before the pattern makers and seamstresses bring the project to life.

At this time, the technical file is created which contains all the information that our partner factories will need to make the products.

The pattern makers are experts in pattern making , their mission is to dissect each shape, to prepare the assembly of the pieces and the cutting of the lines to be created.

Then, the model mechanics assemble the collection prototypes and try them on mannequins of all sizes in the cabin. This is where everything comes into play. Each product is thus tested to be part of the Brigitte BARDOT collections or not. If necessary, the products are corrected or improved until they meet our expectations.

Our current partners are chosen with the greatest care .

They are all experienced and respect the brand's quality charter.

Every year, social audits are carried out in factories to check their compliance with regard to employee protection, workers' rights, working conditions, remuneration, employee health and safety. .

Random checks are implemented at all stages of manufacturing and are also repeated upon receipt of the products at our premises to guarantee impeccable product quality.

Our latest creations

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