How to choose your swimsuit based on your body shape?

To feel beautiful and comfortable on the beaches or by the pools, choosing your swimsuit according to your figure is very important. This allows you to highlight your strengths and hide your small imperfections.

But for this we would still need to know its morphology. Let's look at some tips for wearing your vintage Brigitte BARDOT swimsuits.

The A-shaped silhouette or pyramid

Your shoulders are thin and your hips are wider. This is the most common silhouette among women. It is a feminine and delicate silhouette.

What to wear?

Opt for abandeau orpush-up bikini top with colorful patterns, bold details and a plunging neckline. These will make your shoulders stand out and draw the eye towards your bust rather than your hips. If you want straps, choose a model with thin straps so as not to hide your pretty shoulders.

For the bottom, choose a low-cut model that will lengthen your legs.

Some examples of bandeau tops

The V silhouette or inverted pyramid

Your shoulders are broad or even square and your hips are small. This type of morphology is imposing. Women with a V-shaped figure look good, with an athletic look.

What to wear?

Pair an eye-catching bottom with a more discreet top to create balance and harmony.

Choose a top with a plunging neckline so as not to add material to the upper body.

As for bikini bottoms , opt for ruffled and frilly models , with prints or stripes, with the aim of accentuating your hips.

Some examples of frilly bottoms

The H or rectangle silhouette

Your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment and your waist is not really defined. The H silhouette gives a slender, fluid and regular look.

What to wear?

THE 2 piece swimsuit will be perfect and will give you that little feminine touch that will make the difference.

For the swimsuit top, choose apush up model or triangle and opt for high-waisted bikini bottoms or ones with ruffles and patterns to expand the width of your hips.

Also dare the retro style , very trendy this year, which will bring glamor to your silhouette, completely BB.

Some examples of push-up tops

The O or round silhouette

Women with O-shaped figures are curvy and luscious women. Your silhouette gives off an impression of voluptuousness and softness.

What to wear?

For an O-shaped figure, the best option is aone-piece swimsuit . It will camouflage the curves that you do not want to reveal, while highlighting your neckline, depending on the model. Dare to wear a deep neckline to accentuate the sensual side of your silhouette.

Another option, ideal if you have a different chest and hip size, the tankini , as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Some examples of tankinis

The X or hourglass silhouette

Considered the perfect body shape, if you have an X-shaped figure, you are the envy of people. Your shoulders and hips are perfectly aligned and your waist is well defined.

What to wear?

You're in luck, this shape will go with any swimsuit!

One piece , 2 pieces ,bandeau shape , triangle , balconette or evenpush-up , you can afford it all!

All you have to do is follow seasonal trends for trendy beachwear .

Some examples of swimsuits

The figure 8 silhouette

The figure 8 silhouette is very similar to the X silhouette but with more shapes. You have a harmonious body with the added bonus of luscious curves.

What to wear?

As with the X silhouette, you can wear it all! Just be sure to adjust your sets to your shape (e.g. avoid the push-up). If you have a generous bust, don't hesitate to opt for an underwired top for better support.

Some examples of underwired tops

It is just as important to know your body shape when choosing your lingerie, follow our advice by clicking here.

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